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Welcome to Freakshow Media! We’re here to make your life easier when it comes to Websites, Logos, Merchandise and everything in between. Over the years as a musician Johan has built up an expertise on whats needed and expected from bands and their online presence. We offer a full range of services that you as a band or artist need to at least become a little more successful.
We build and tailor websites, linking them to your social media profiles, as well as setting you up with the latest and most powerful tools to succeed on the online market.
We’ll create and set up a merchandise store for you, and we’ll make sure it connects and look like the website. And we’ll manage your website and store if you feel like it.
We create graphics and logos, set up prints ready to send for merchandise printing. We can even do the job for you, and print the desired merchandise through our partners with great prices.

Let’s create together!


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