About Us

About Us

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Freakshow Media is an innovative digital design and media company, which started in 2020 by Johan Östman. Over the last 15 years Johan has been building websites for fun helping out friends and smaller businesses on and off.
Freakshow Media specializes in websites for Musicians and Bands but we’re happy to help anyone get their website up and running, even if you’re not a musician or band. So why speciality you might ask? Well it’s easy, Johan is a musician, show promotor and has the insight in what Labels as well as Promotors and everyone around that scene expects from a Band or Musician.
So if you’re looking for a Website, Landing Page, EPK or anything in between please get in touch. We’ll make your dreams into reality, We’re here to Create. For YOU.

Legal Information

Freakshow Media är registrerat i Sverige och självklart innehar vi F-Skatt

Freakshow Media is a registered company in Sweden and we withhold “F-Skatt” which means that we can legally under the supervision of the Swedish Tax Department run our business.

We deliver our services globally. There’s no country restriction.

If choose us to create your website, brand, or logos you agree that we might use everything or parts of your websites on other sites than your own. (Unique features such as logos, music, videos, etc not included) You also agree that we might put a link to our own website somewhere on your page. If you have any questions about this, please send us a message.

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